Important Orders - 2018

Order No. Subject Date
A1-115 Sections arrangements of Sr.Clerks/Clerks -reg 28-06-2018
A1-113 Charge arrangements of Reserve Inspector -reg 30-06-2018
F4-25799 GPF Temporary advance, NRA, GPF Conversion, GPF Clousure request -reg 16-06-2018
G1-26166 Implementation of Green Protocol -Green protocol Committee constituted 05-06-2018
A1(a)-25269 Leave of SCPOs/CPOs 17-05-2018
Circular 01 Quarters Allotment - Guidelines 11-04-2018
A1-14158 Verification of Passport Application through 'e-VIP Mobile App' 26-03-2018
F1(a)-53193 2018-2019 Income Tax return 12-03-2018
G2-5599 Abolition of Estate Managers 01-02-2018
G2-308 DPO STORE - space allocation 17-01-2018